Graduate Student Achievements

Grants, Fellowships & Prizes:

American Institute of Indian Studies Dissertation Research Fellowship, 2014-5 (Rajbir Judge)

McLeod Lewis Fund Dissertation Year Fellowship, 2014-5 (David Stenner)

Fulbright-Hays Fellowship, 2013-4 (Lily Balloffet)

France-Berkely Fund Research Grant, 2013 (David Stenner)

CLIR Dissertation Research Fellowship, 2013-4 (David Stenner)

UC Davis Dean’s Doctoral Fellowship for Excellence, 2012 (Lily Balloffet)

Mark Tessler Paper Prize, American Institute for Maghrib Studies, 2012 (David Stenner)

UC Davis Provost’s Dissertation Year Fellowship, 2012 (Lily Balloffet)

MESA Conference Student Travel Grant, 2011 (David Stenner)

Paul Goodman Graduate Fellowship, 2010-2011  (Rajbir Judge)

USDE Foreign Language and Area Studies Program, 2010 (Lily Balloffet)

Jim Springer Borck Essay Prize from Louisiana State University, 2009 (Lily Balloffet)


Stenner, D. (2012). “Networking for Independence: the Moroccan Nationalist Movement and Its Global Campaign Against French Colonialism.” The Journal of North African Studies 17(4).

Stenner, D. (2014) “Did Amrika Promise Morocco’s Independence? The Nationalist Movement, the Sultan, and the Making of the ‘Roosevelt Myth,'” The Journal of North African Studies, 19 (4).

Department of History University of California, Davis